Getting More For Your Money During Any Financial Recession

During any financial recession money can be tight, so it is a good idea to review your shopping habits and start making additional savings by cutting your weekly shopping bills down.  By taking some time to look at your shopping bills and finding ways to cut costs, you can free up money and help to take the pressure off other financial commitments you may have.

Watch Prices

Set aside plenty of time to do your food shopping, and look carefully at the price of each item before you put it in your trolley.  It can be tempting just to pick up the same goods each week without checking the cost, but you could make a lot of savings by swapping your usual brand or ketchup for a cheaper, supermarket own label, or by looking out for an alternative brand that is on offer that week.  Also watch the prices at your local petrol stations, so that you can spot which ones are cheaper so that you can make some savings on your fuel bills.

Buy in Bulk

It can be much cheaper to buy certain items such as toilet roll, tinned foods and frozen foods in bulk, and as these items will last in your store cupboards so you can stock up on them every two to three months, and then just put them away until you need them.  Only ever buy those items you will actually use in bulk though, or else you will just be wasting your money and cluttering up your cupboards for nothing.

Buy Fresh

Ready made meals and takeaways are very convenient, but they are also very expensive and you can save a lot of money by buying the basic ingredients and making meals yourself, and they will also taste much nicer and be better for you in the long run.  If you are stretched for time at the end of the day, then set aside one afternoon/evening a week and cook up some simple suppers such as lasagne, cottage pie, pasta bake etc. and then portion these up and put them in the freezer.  Then all you will need to do is heat them up and serve them with some fresh crusty bread when you get home from work.


Most supermarkets and larger stores offer coupons with money off goods and services, so make sure you look out for coupons in magazines, newspapers and also in store to help you cut your weekly bills, and don’t forget to check out the coupon codes on retail websites as well, as these can make you great savings online.